First iPhone worm, iRickRoll'd Jailbroken iPhones

Some Jailbroken iPhone users in Australia have been the first to be infected by the very first iPhone worm. The origins of the worm appear to be from Australia, as they're the first to report problems, getting rickrolled, a famous Internet meme, except this changes the wallpaper to Rick Astley.

Any Jailbroken iPhone that have not changed their default password from 'alpine' once installing SSH, are vulnerable to the worm. The worm is so far harmless, but after one user held an iPhone ransom for €5, the possibilities for a full wide spread attack against SSH Jailbroken iPhone's could be at serious risk.

The attack leaves the users wallpaper to a picture of Rick Astley with the words "ikee is never going to give you up", lyrics from the famous 80's song, with the worm creator calling himself 'ikee', later to be revealed as 'ikex'.

After a closer look into some of the code, the creator left many comments and we can see why he wrote the code,
"Why?: Boredom, because i found it so stupid the fact that on my initial scan of my 3G optus range i found 27 hosts running SSH daemons, i could access 26 of them with root:alpine. Doesn't anyone RTFM anymore?"

Jailbroken users should change their default password from "alpine" by going into Cydia and installing the MobileTerminal app and use the passwd command to change their password.

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