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FlashFXP v2.0 Release Candidate 2

Thanks Dazog for informing us of this new release via Back Page News on the forums. FlashFXP v2.0 Release Candidate 2 is now official.

    Changes in RC 2
  • Added SOCKS4A support. You will need to re-set your proxy type. (your proxy type may be off by 1)
  • Fixed bug that caused ftp:// urls to login anonymously, ignoring any supplied l/p [reported by Sagittarius]
  • Fixed bug where right-click selecting a folder in the TreeView didn't actually select the folder, if you selected an action from the right-click menu it was performed on the last folder that was left clicked.
  • Fixed bug in "tools/calculate ftp space used" where the starting path was counted twice. [reported by evering]
  • Improved support for AS/400 FTP Servers.
  • When transferring multiple consecutive files from the same host, Now FlashFXP only checks to see if the site exists in the Site Manager for the first file. If the site is removed during the file transfer it will continue to transfer the remaining files using the information stored in memory.
  • Fixed bug where while a file transfer is in progress if you attempted a drag/drop move operation in the Remote ListView or TreeView it was allowed, When in reality this operation is not possible in the current state.
  • When the option "send noop during transfer" is enabled FlashFXP no longer conceals the replies. This resulted in other important replies to also be concealed.
  • Fixed bug where adding a new site and then renaming it via the Site Name area and then clicking Apply neglected to update the site name in the Site List. [reported by Tom Sommer]
  • Fixed bug in the Site Manager where "copy" was enabled on the right-click menu for Quick Connect sites. This option doesn't apply. [reported by Ethanol]
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the FTP File Search.
  • Pressing the Abort button in the main window now aborts a DELETE/CHMOD executed via the FTP File Search.
Download: Flash FXP 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (Full installer)

Download: Flash FXP 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (Upgrade from RC1)

View: FlashFXP webpage

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