Fortress Forever mod for Half Life 2 ready for release

The highly awaited modification for Half-Life 2 called Fortress Forever is finally with us. It's based on the HL1 mod Team Fortress Classic and although not a direct port, has many of the features of TFC but with new additions for some of the classes weapons-wise and also has had some general gameplay tweaks. It's been a long journey for the developers since the idea for this game mod was first brainstormed over back in 2003.

"These next few months are going to be great for TF fans and halflife2 gamers alike. It is with great pleasure that we announce Fortress Forever will be released on September 17th, and of course it will be free to all halflife 2 owners . The game will release with 10 core maps featuring 6 different game modes centering around capture the flag, and capture and defend gameplay. Spread the word and get ready for action!"

News source: Fortress Forever home page
Video: Teaser 1
Video: Teaser 2

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