France confirms attack on G20 summit files

Documents relating to the G20 summit held in Paris last month came under attack in December from unknown sources. The French finance ministry has begun an investigation into the attack, according to the BBC, and Budget Minister Francois Baron said "we have leads."

Over 150 ministry computers were attacked, targeting files related to the G20 meetings. While no suspects have been officially announced, an anonymous source hinted to Paris Match magazine at a connection to the Chinese. "We noted that a certain amount of the information was redirected to Chinese sites, but that [in itself] does not say very much," the source said.

China is currently the world's biggest exporter, and there was a lot of pressure at the summit for China to let its currency appreciate in value, which is reportedly being held down by China to gain a competitive advantage in the global export marketplace. Tensions between China and other G20 members were high, but France is currently remaining tight-lipped about potential suspects for the attack.

What is known -- is that the attack was not an amateur effort. Speaking to Paris Match magazine, Director General of the French National Agency for IT Security said "the actors were determined professionals and organised. It is the first attack of this size and scale against the French state."

The secret service are investigating the attack, and the French court have filed an official complaint.

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