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Freekstyle 2002

Electronic Arts announces another title under its successful EA Big label, and this time it's about motocross. Read more about the game and see first screenshots from Freekstyle.

Electronic Arts has announced a new game for the Sony PlayStation 2 titled Freekstyle 2002. Like SSX Tricky and NBA Street, Freekstyle is an arcade game to be released under the company's EA Big label and lets players perform all kinds of insane maneuvers and stunts. In total, there are eight riders to choose from and each one has his or her own style, bikes, personality, and outfits. Riders included in the game are freestyle sensations Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan, Stefy Bau, Clifford "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Adpptante, Jessica Patterson, and Greg "Albee" Albertyn.

There are nine different venues in the game, including Rocket Garden, Crash Pad II, Monumental Motoplex, and the ultimate big- air track Big Sky. Hidden paths and shortcuts challenge players, while special freestyle tracks will allow players to take the bikes anywhere they want to in free-roaming environments. More than 80 tricks are available in the game. By performing these moves players earn points and turbo boosts, similar to SSX Tricky.

Currently there are four known game modes. They are circuit, Race, freestyle, and freeride. In the race mode, players can also go head-to-head against a second player via split-screen.

While the previous games under the EA Sports Big label have been developed inhouse, Freekstyle is in development at Page 44 in San Francisco. The game is scheduled for release on PlayStation 2 in Spring 2002.

News source: Gamespot

Screenshots: @ Gamespot

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