Freescale to detail dual-core PowerPC G4

As we all know Apple dropped support for Motorola's desktop processors, and chose to use IBM's processors for its next generation desktop PCs. This action was viewed by some analyst as a final blow between these two company's partnership and to the future success of Motorola. Unlike some of its competitors Motorola didn't give up, instead started developing a new desktop processor, a dual-core processor.

Motorola's spun-off chip division "Freescale" will be producing a dual-core processor scheduled for unveiling at this years Microprocessor Forum (MPF). Motorola's dual-core processor will feature an on-board memory controller among other features. With this Motorola is hoping to once again get back into the processor market, and maybe signup another deal with Apple.

This move comes off as an attempt to regain the lost processor market share Motorola had with Apple. Even though Apple still uses Motorola processors in its laptops, many analyst agree that this will change soon. Leaving Motorola one partner short, and in the end hurt an already damaged company. Not standing still Motorola has made a new deals with Apple. Such as putting support for Apple's iTunes music format on Motorola cell phones. Though the details of this deal are still pretty scarce, it will probably give Motorola a good boost in the cell phone market.

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