Real gets flamed over iPod campaign

Earlier this week RealNetwork launched another attack against Apple's control over the iPod. The attack this time consisted of a webpage and a petition. The petitioned titled "Hey Apple, Don't Break My iPod!" was suppose to give RealNetwork support for its cause (that Apple should open the iPod to other audio formats). Then something that RealNetwork didn't anticipate happened, the vast majority of comments left by users criticized RealNetwork instead of supporting their actions.

The criticisms where not only directed at this campaign but RealNetworks business practices and its software, which one comment describes as mediocre. Soon after getting flooded by such comments RealNetworks reworded its petition, and disabled the comment option (for the time being). Of course not everyone bad mouthed RealNetwork; instead some comments applauded RealNetwork for its actions. Though those where few in numbers when compared to the amount of criticisms that RealNetwork received.

I think one comment left by a person going by the name of Steve Jobs sums up pretty well what the majority of users think of RealNetworks actions. "Real, I'm sorry to say this but your software has always been mediocre," continuing, "I will choose what works best for me, is most elegant, and what makes most sense, and those are the options that come with Apple products. Stop trying to hide your efforts of getting in on the market with this whole public outcry movement and instead, innovate." After all its Apple's product, and they shouldn't have to open it up if they don't want to. Especially since Apple invested so much, and can be credited for giving legal music downloading the kick it needed.

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