Fusion assault pack v1.0 released

The Fusion Assault pack is a new and exciting replacement pack from Games Fusion which combines both realism and action to achieve a truly exciting and fresh new experience for Counter-Strike. Containing many features from the long running line of Fusion Pack replacements the Fusion Assault pack also adds a variety of new weapon models and a complete set of new player models to further enhance the player's experience.

This version replaces almost every aspect of Counter-Strike including sprites, VGUI menu graphics, console graphics, weapon models, player models, sounds and more! Fusion Assault is primarily aimed at realism and whilst it caters for the tactical fan base it also provides all the action from Games Fusion's Fusion Pack series. With this release we have tried to make it more user friendly for 56k users by limiting download size and getting rid of all those extra maps.

This pack is definitely the choice for those looking for a change in their Counter-Strike game or for those who are already getting tired of our Fusion Pack. And because Fusion Assault includes many features from the Fusion Pack series fans of the genre will marvel in what this addon will do for their Counter-Strike game.

News source: games-fusion.net

Screenshots: >> Click here <<

Download: Fusion assault pack v1.0 (54.7Mb)

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