Gator branded a trojan horse despite security fix

Gator has corrected a security flaw in the Web-based installer program for its popular digital wallet software, but some anti-virus utilities still brand the program a Trojan horse.

Responding to a report in February that the ActiveX installer opened a potential back door for attackers, Gator temporarily removed the program, GatorSetup.exe, from its sites and posted a security update that eliminates the vulnerability for users who have installed the program using the ActiveX control.

Although Gator recently replaced the installer at its site with a version that eliminates the security flaws, the ActiveX program is currently blocked by Symantec's Norton AntiVirus (NAV) software.

According to NAV, the Gator installer is infected with the Backdoor.Trojan virus and the description at the Symantec site says, "all Trojans that are detected as Backdoor.Trojan have one thing in common: they allow unauthorized access to the infected computer."

A downloadable installer for the Gator software, GatorMiniSetup.exe, did not set off NAV's alarms today.

News source: NewsBtyes

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