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An American man is offering webmasters an unusual way of promoting their site - by having it tattooed on his head. Andrew Fisher, from Omaha, Nebraska, is giving eBayers the chance to get whatever they want advertised on his face for 30 days straight. "The winner of this auction will receive one prime advertisement spot for placement of their domain name or logo," Fisher explains on hisauction page.

The 20-year-old has warned bidders the domain name can't contain or link to anything offensive. He's also offering negotiation on extending the lease of his forehead. "As I go around town doing my thing, going to work, movies, the mall, hanging out with friends, etc, your domain name will be plastered smack dab on my noggin," he said.

Fisher is offering to get a non-permanent tattoo of the winning bidder's logo or website. At the time of writing, bidding had soared to over $15,000 from around $300 earlier in the day. Anyone interested in this unusual way of advertising their product has until Thursday to place their bid.

Update: And, of course, here come the spin-offs... now "the typical American Jane" is offering ad space on her chest.

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