Global Gaming League coming soon

This summer will see the start of the Global Gaming League that hopes to turn video gaming into a professional sport and gamers into athletes.

A team of dedicated video games enthusiasts, headed up by former Fox Family Channel and Saban Entertainment executive Eric Rollman, is looking to turn video gaming into a professional sport this summer with the launch of the Global Gaming League. The GGL will seek to create star players and fans by producing world-class entertainment and events where gamers and gaming teams can compete for cash, prizes, endorsements, and respect. The GGL will also house an athlete management division charged with identifying, signing, and managing top gamers as the ambassadors of 'V-Sports.'

"We have created a name and a home in the GGL for 'V-Sports' athletes to gain recognition for their skill and commitment to this business that already generates over twenty billion dollars in worldwide revenues," said Rollman. "With more than 145 million players, this is arguably one of the most popular sports on the planet."

News source: GameSpot

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