Google and Apple CEOs rumored to be having patent chats

Larry Page and Tim Cook, chief executives of Google and Apple, respectively, have been talking over the phone regarding the intellectual property issues between the two companies, according to sources who spoke with Reuters.

Page and Cook's phone conversation took place last week, according to Reuter's sources. The two executives are expected to continue their discussion in the coming weeks, although there is no firm date set. While last week's conversation did not result in any formal agreement, Page and Cook agreed to continue their discussion. Supposedly, a meeting between Page and Cook was scheduled for Friday, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

In addition to discussions between Page and Cook, other lower-level officials from both companies are also carrying discussions with each other. High-level communication is staying open between Apple and Google, in the wake of Apple's patent infringement victory against Samsung, which manufactures smartphones that run on Google's Android software. Samsung, of course, was found to be guilty of infringing on several of Apple's patents, and now owes Apple more than $1 billion.

Though the general topic of Page and Cook's discussion was patent issues, according to the anonymous sources, it is unknown what specifically was discussed. Whether they were discussing a truce over basic features in Android, as one source claimed, or settlement of disputes of varying depth, has not been revealed.

Source: Reuters

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