Google brings better accuracy to Pixel and Pixel XL battery life estimates

It looks like if you own a Pixel or Pixel XL, Google has updated the way it reports battery life, giving you a more accurate reading then its previous output.

As explained by Michelle, the Google expert on the support post, previously, the Pixel would estimate the phone's battery loss based on assumptions. For example, if you lost say 10% battery in an hour over the last few hours, it would assume that you would continue at that same rate.

Unfortunately, this wasn't accurate at all. Luckily, a new method has been implemented that should be much more accurate. Now, the phone will evaluate how battery usage occurs over time and will use these data points as a reference to predict your battery drain on similar days.

If you want to see the new estimates, you just have to dive into the settings and head into the battery section. When you tap the battery, you'll be able to see the advanced battery usage data and the new estimate numbers. If you have an idea that could improve the experience or think that things should be different, you can head to the source link down below to chime in.

Source: Google Support via Android Police

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