Google developing 'Mobile Meter' to track mobile usage and offer rewards

Google is reportedly readying an app for Android and iOS that would collect usage data from mobile users of the platforms and reward them in return.

The search giant is known to hoard a large amount of user-specific data to improve their algorithms and targeted ads for end-users. Now, it seems Google would like to have deeper usage statistics from their users, for which they are willing to reward the users who choose to opt for the program. Google hasn't commented on the existence of such an app yet but sources for Engadget have confirmed that it is indeed coming out soon and will be completely voluntary. 

On many occasions in the past Google has come under fire for its privacy policies. It already collects a large amount of geo-location data from Android users who use their location and mapping technologies which has resulted in lawsuits in the past. The 'Mobile Meter' app is expected to collect app usage statistics and browsing behaviour patterns among users. It is understood that Google will anonymize the data of the participants but users will need more reassurance from the company in wake of the PRISM expose and general distrust in data collection among users.

For now we can only speculate what Google has in store until there is an official statement.

Source: Engadget | Image via Google

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