Google Home is more likely to answer your questions than Amazon's Alexa

360i, a New York-based digital agency, has revealed that Google Home is six times more likely to answer your questions than Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. To work this out, 360i has developed proprietary software which “aims to uncover precisely what smart assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa are sharing and saying back to consumers.”

Early data from the Voice Search Monitor (VSM) software found that Google Home was more likely than Amazon Alexa to answer your questions, this finding was based on 3,000 set questions being asked of each device. Google's triumph in this test has been put down to its search engine’s far superior search results. It did note that, however, Amazon Alexa was strong when it came to retail searches.

According to eMarketer, Amazon Alexa accounts for a whopping 70% of the voice-enabled speaker market. While the statistic seems impressive, many of Amazon’s competitors haven’t long launched their devices yet; Google Home launched in November and Apple only announced its HomePod speaker at the start of this month. As time passes, Amazon may lose a sizeable portion of its market share to these two competitors.

Source: 360i via AdWeek

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