Google looking to unify chat products to better compete with Facebook and Apple

Google may be clearing up its messaging efforts by unifying them into a single service, called "Babble". The new service, if released, will combine Google Voice, GTalk and a variety of other services into one place, will be unveiled at I/O 2013, Google's annual event. 

Multiple sources spoke to and have revealed Google's plans, which will help users easily communicate with others on Google services. Google Talk, Messenger, Drive, Hangout, Voice and Talk for G+ don't interact with each other, creating a daunting situation if you wish to speak to your friends. Services such as iMessage, Facebook Chat and BlackBerry Messenger allow users to communicate with other users on the same device or service, something Google users cannot currently do due to the confusing structure. 

The reason the service don't integrate isn't entirely Google's fault, however. Until recently, they were prevented from sharing data between services, both a blessing and a curse as Google was prevented from using your private data - Google+ friends, private GTalk chats, Voice conversations - in order to target ads, but users are forced to deal with multiple services all offering the same thing. Google recently changed their Privacy Policy, making way for services like Babble. 

Apple's iMessage seamlessly switches between a person's number (on their iPhone) and their email (on their iPad and Mac) in order to send them pictures, text or videos, all in the background. BlackBerry Messenger offers a similar service, but is BlackBerry only. Babble is "being built fresh from the ground up" in order to provide an alternative, rather than being "cobbled together" like Google's current services. According to, Google is looking to unify all their services: "You’ll be able to use the same chat window across all of Google’s products with the same features available everywhere." As Google expands into the desktop world (with varying degrees of success), they will be looking to offer software that can communicate across all devices, not just Android or Google+. 

Google is looking to focus in on products, killing off Reader in the process. The official Google blogpost stated that by "focusing our efforts, we can concentrate on building great products that really help in their lives." Today's news from aligns perfectly with those goals; Babble is expected to be unveiled at Google's I/O conference, which starts May 15th. 

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