Google offering up to $40 discounts on Google Home Mini, if you buy two

Have you been waiting to populate your home with the Google Home Mini? Now could be the time to buy and save money, as Google is offering each device at a $10 discount, and will even let you have two and knock $40 off the original price. This is not the first time that Google has introduced price drops for the Home Mini.

It’s not clear what has prompted Google to bring in the price drop, however, Amazon is also selling its Echo Dot for $39.99 too and is also offering $40 off for those who order two. It’s not clear which firm is reacting and which company initiated the price drop but it comes at a nice time for Google fans with the upcoming Google I/O which Neowin will have complete coverage of tomorrow. Additionally, the aggressive price matching shows how hot the market is.

It’s not entirely clear what drives the price drops from the two firms, it could be when they see a slow down in sales, or when they think the competitor has a shortage of devices – it’s all speculation. With Google I/O coming up it’s reasonable to wonder whether Google has a new Home Mini in the works – while it probably does, it would likely be released in October, a year after the current model, but again, it must be stressed that this is speculation.

The offer started on May 6th and will end on May 13th at 11:59 U.S. PT. Other regions, including Australia and the UK have also seen price drops for the same time period.

Source: Google via GSMArena

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