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Google unveils new and improved Search Options

A lot of people have been saying lately that Twitter is the newest, and probably best, way to find real-time search results. Pop in what you want into the search bar and you'll get up to the minute results from people talking about your topic. Google has certainly not sat by and watched this happen -- according to Mashable and the official Google Blog, they've just unveiled their new Google Search Options.

What new features can you expect when searching? For one, time-based results. As mentioned, Google appears to be taking Twitter head on with this, and now you can filter your search results based on the time they were posted. A handy feature, especially for journalists. Next up, you're allowed to search with certain things in mind, like reviews; there are now options to find these easily, but you can also specify videos and forums too. In context of a review search, type in the name of what you want to find a review of, click Search Option and select review on there also, and Google will show results that they identify as reviews. This is already relatively easy enough just by adding "review" to the end of a search, but none-the-less, this is an improvement.

The aforementioned time-based results are certainly very useful, though. You are given a graphical timeline in which you can select the period that you want, and Google will give you the results from your choices. Adding onto this, there is now a new feature called Wonder Wheel. Wonder Wheel gives you "a graphical representation of related search terms." It's hard to explain this properly without seeing it in action, so please, you can find Google's announcement video for the Search Option below:

These features should be available for everybody today, so go and check them out and let us know how it goes.

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