Google Sky Map for Android: "A planetarium in your pocket"

You have to hand it to Google. When it comes to cool and interesting software, these guys really know how to pull it off. Just after Google revealed their new Search Options, they've shown the world about a new application called Sky Map, available for their mobile Android platform.

So, what is Sky Map? As you can probably guess from the name, it, "turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a dynamic window on the night sky." Sky Map is designed to help with identifying stars and constellations, and it utilizes GPS technology within Android-powered phones to do this. The GPS allows you to turn to where you want to look, and Sky Map will show you in real time the constellations, planets or stars that are in the area of sky that you're facing.

Even better, if you want to find a planet, for example, you can search for it within the application and Sky Map will tell you where to look. We've included Google's video on the new piece of software below, so have a gander below:

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