Google's Hangouts Meet is being rebranded to Google Meet

Google Hangouts has been dying a slow death. It was first reported that the service was going away in late 2018. "Classic" Google Hangouts was meant to be phased out in October, but that was delayed until June, and it's meant to be replaced with Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

As it turns out, the Hangouts brand isn't working out, and Hangouts Meet is becoming Google Meet. The change was evident in a Google Cloud blog post from earlier today. It's already changed on the Google Meet web app, although the iOS and Android apps still have the old branding. Presumably, that will change soon.

Another thing that still has Hangouts branding is Hangouts Chat. It's unclear if that's going to change at all, but Google hasn't mentioned it.

Obviously, this is all an exercise in rebranding, so for end users that are making use of the product, nothing is really changing. It's the same product, but you'll be able to use it in the same way under a different name.

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