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Halo Infinite's custom game browser is now live alongside important PC changes

343 Industries is keeping the momentum high on Halo Infinite updates. Only a month after releasing the massive Winter Update that carried campaign co-op and Forge elements, the studio has now delivered the promised custom game browser ahead of schedule. Today's Winter Update is also packed with Armor Core changes, a new multiplayer map, and changes that should make PC players especially happy.

Much like the Master Chief Collection's implementation, Halo Infinite's custom game browser can now be used by players to create, sort, and join matches offered by other players, even ones including Forge creations. An entire support article dedicated to the highly-anticipated feature and its usage can be read here.

Halo Infinite

343 has also made improvements on the widely reported "desync" front, making melee attacks more consistent, reducing instances of rubber banding when being hijacked, and fixing false reloads. Players can also mute and report any disruptive players they encounter in-game.

For PC players specifically, the Halo studio has re-enabled the red aiming reticle that activates when aiming at enemies. Mouse aiming has also seen changes, with sensitivity now automatically reducing slightly when firing at enemies, "resulting in a 'friction' feeling" and giving players more control.

Other PC improvements include a walk binding to avoid Motion Trackers other than just crouching, an HDR toggle, and improvements to the scroll wheel's swap weapons binding to make it more reliable.

Halo Infinite The Pitt
Halo 3's The Pitt is now in Halo Infinite as Empyrean

Fans of Halo 3's The Pitt map now have an updated version of it in Infinite dubbed Empyrean. Made entirely in Forge by 343, the new map carries several changes to accommodate Infinite's sandbox changes over the original, but the layout should be very familiar to veterans of the series.

Last but not least, previously released Armor Cores that were part of a battle pass or a limited time event — Mark V [B], Rakshasa, Yoroi, and Eaglestrike — have been given out to all players for free. 10 more armor coatings have been added to all accounts as well, unlocking much more customization options for Spartans playing the free-to-play shooter.

Halo Infinite
Free Amor Cores for everyone

Halo Infinite's Winter Update is now available on Xbox consoles and PC weighing around 2.2GB. Find the full patch notes of this massive update here.

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