Hangouts can now be accessed through a standalone website

Google has launched a standalone website for its Hangouts messaging service.

Earlier this year, Google discontinued the desktop client for Google Talk and began focusing on Hangouts which is fast becoming the only communication app from the company for calls, texts and instant messaging on the web and various mobile platforms. However, it does not have a desktop client for Windows and Mac. Now, Google has launched a new browser-based solution for accessing Hangouts.

The Hangouts web application features various Material Design elements, while the conversations window is still the same as that seen in the Gmail and Google+ versions. Users can use it for regular conversations, group chats and calls. The background for the app changes regularly with new photos. Additionally, the website provides links for the Hangouts mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Facebook also recently launched its Messenger as a standalone web app, and this move from Google seems like a way to further cut back on Google+ integration of its services, just as it did with Photos and YouTube.

Source: Google+ via Engadget

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