HD DVD vendors drop prices

It would appear that the HD DVD camp is leading a price war against its Blu-ray counterpart, which so far, appears to be winning the HD format war. At the IFA international consumer electronics show, the HD DVD Promotional Group announced that next month the market will see a range of entry-level players priced at around €300 ($409), which is nearly half of what many entry models in Europe currently cost.

On top of that, Canada's Venturer Electronics plans to launch its SHD-7000 player at around €300 next month, while Toshiba will offer its HD-EP30 model for around €350. In the fourth quarter, Toshiba will begin equipping its notebook PCs with HD DVD drives. Contrary to previous reports, there doesn't seem to be any information regarding sub $200 HD DVD players, although in such a vicious format war, I would not be surprised if something of the sort to happened by Christmas.

News source: InfoWorld

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