Here's what's new in today's Surface Pro 4 firmware updates

Earlier today, Microsoft released a series of firmware and driver updates for the Surface Pro 4. Unsurprisingly, the company didn't offer up any release notes, as tends to happen with Surface updates.

In fact, the same thing happened with the Surface Studio. The first firmware update for the device was released yesterday, but the changelog wasn't available until only a short while ago.

Here's what's new for the Surface Pro 4:

Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name
Microsoft – Firmware – 2.0.302.0

Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update

  • 2.0.302.0 improves keyboard stability.
Intel Corporation - HIDClass –

Intel Precise Touch Device

  • disables touch when cover is closed.
Microsoft Driver update for Surface Integration Service Device

Surface Integration Service Device

  • improves battery life during sleep.
Microsoft Driver update for Surface Integration

Surface Integration

  • improves battery life during sleep.
Microsoft driver update for Surface Storage Firmware Update

Surface Pro 4 - Surface Toshiba Storage Firmware Update driver

  • 1.1.617.0 improves storage performance.
Microsoft Driver update for Surface Embedded Controller Firmware

Surface Embedded Controller Firmware

  • 103.1414.256.0 adds support for an upcoming product release.
Microsoft – System – 103.1413.258.0

Surface System Aggregator

  • 103.1413.258.0 adds support for an upcoming product release.
Microsoft – Firmware -106.1414.768.0

Surface UEFI

  • 106.1414.768.0 improves system stability.

This is the first new set of updates that the device has received in over a month, since December 8. Historically, it would be updated alongside the Surface Book - as both devices have similar hardware - but that hasn't been the case in recent months, and there was no update for the Book to coincide with this one.

If you want to keep tabs on Surface Pro 4 updates, you can do so here.

Did these updates improve your overall experience with your Surface Pro 4? Let us know in the comments!

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