'Hey Google' hotword setup enhanced to improve accuracy

Google is making the Voice Match feature in Google Assistant even better by improving its accuracy. The company has announced that whenever a user now sets up Voice Match in Google Assistant, they will be required to say more than just the "Hey Google" hotword. This includes sentences like "Hey Google, play my workout playlist" as the additional data will help Google in improving the accuracy of Voice Match.

Voice Match allows users to trigger Google Assistant by simply saying the hotword "Ok Google" or "Hey Google." On smart speakers and smart displays that support multiple user profiles, Voice Match can identify up to six people. So, the improved accuracy will go a long way in improving the overall experience of using them. If you have already set up Voice Match, you can re-run the setup to help improve its accuracy.

Additionally, Google is also rolling out the ability to adjust the sensitivity for the "Hey Google" hotword on devices running Google Assistant. This feature already started popping up for smart speakers and smart display owners from earlier this week. By using it, one can increase or decrease the sensitivity to easily trigger Google Assistant or to reduce unintentional activations.

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