HighMAT CD burning extension for Windows XP

You can use the HighMAT (High-performance Media Access Technology) Extension for the CD Writing Wizard on a computer running the Windows XP to create a HighMAT CD. A HighMAT CD contains digital media content (such as audio files, video files, and image files) and interactive menus that enable users to locate and play back content easily. These CDs can be played back on computers or HighMAT-compatible consumer electronic devices such as DVD and CD players.

HighMAT-compatible consumer electronics devices can offer different levels of HighMAT playback support. These levels of playback support determine which types of files can be played back by the device and is indicated by the type of HighMAT logo on the device. For more information about the different levels of HighMAT playback support, see the HighMAT Web site. The HighMAT Extension for the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard creates discs that can be played back in any consumer electronics device that displays the HighMAT logo.

Please note that when you install this update, the default setting for HighMAT is turned off. You must click the box in the set-up dialogue in order to create HighMAT CDs.

Download: Download HighMAT Extension for the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard 1.0

Download: Download HighMAT PC Viewer

View: View HighMAT at Microsoft

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