HP looking to get back into the smartphone race

According to one of its senior directors, Yam Su Yin, HP is looking to get back in the smartphone race. The giant PC manufacturer already tried and failed to break into this market back in 2010 after the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm.

Yam Su Yin said that HP “has to be in the game” when it comes to smartphones and tablets but also mentioned that no timetable was in place.

Of course the ill-fated HP Pre 3, the HP Veer and the failed HP TouchPad tablet clearly showed that the smartphone market is difficult to break into, even for a company with huge resources such as Hewlett-Packard.

But the PC manufacturer is betting on having products differentiated enough from the rest of the market to actually make a splash. Commenting on HP’s seemingly late arrival in the smartphone world Su Yin said:

“Being late you have to create a different set of proposition. There are still things that can be done. It’s not late. When HP has a smartphone, it will give a differentiated experience.”

We’ll have to see what HP brings to market, but until then we’re pretty skeptical that the company will actually manage to make a dent in terms of marketshare.

Source: Indian Express | Image via HP

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