HP still pushing Windows 7 laptops well into Windows 8's second year

No, it's not 2009, it's a banner on HP.com

Windows 8 was officially released to manufacturing in August of 2012 which means that the platform is now over two years old, but for the folks over at HP, Windows 7 still has life left when it comes to selling to consumers. If you head on over to HP.com and check out their new laptop offerings, there is a large Windows 7 banner touting their new machines that run the older operating system.

At this point, it's safe say that Windows 8 is no longer a priority for Microsoft as they are working to get Windows Threshold out to the public which could be as early as next month. How do we know that Windows 8 is not doing well? For one thing, Microsoft has stopped releasing Windows 8 sales figures, and if we look at usage share, Windows 7 dramatically trumps that of Windows 8.

HP's default Laptop page highlights Windows 7 machines

More so, Microsoft is going to be adding the Start menu back to Windows Threshold after Windows 8 users protested to its removal, and of course, Windows 7 has the Start menu that consumers have been using for decades. We suspect that the reason HP is pushing these machines is that they have a higher satisfaction rate, and knowing that consumers like Windows 7, it becomes an easier sell for HP.

No matter the reasoning, it is a blow to Windows 8 and emphasizes the reason why Windows Threshold can't come soon enough for the company, as they battle to undo the woes of its current OS.

Source: HP | Via: Re/code

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