HP Techday wrap up: pics, slides, and a live blog

Neowin this past week was invited down to the HP campus to go over some of their new and upcoming server products and technologies.  Among the copious amounts of sessions were presentations about the direction of HP storage solutions, in-depth hands on sessions with their X9000 and P4000 enterprise solutions, and mini-interviews with HP employees who work directly on improving their products. 

Neowin live blogged many of the sessions which covered everything from storage basics to cloud based power.  The direction for HP will be one of converged infrastructure, however at this current time, this is still an unreached goal, however over the next several fiscal years we should see HP complete their goal of becoming an end to end solutions provider.  

There was a lot to see including a tour of HP storage works labs where testing, troubleshooting and product innovation truly occurs.  In the gallery below you will see many pictures from inside these areas, which many on the outside never get to see. 

Among other interviews, Anne Anderson, Director of B2B Web Marketing, provided insight on how corporate business to business (B2B) transactions differ from those of the consumer industry.  She discussed how promoting B2B products requires an entirely different way of thinking when compared to the consumer industry and the challenges that corporate marketing faces.

The event lasted one and a half days and included many influential writers from the USA, England and Australia.  You can view some of the slides here and pictures from the event below. 

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