HTC will have an online launch event for the 10 on April 12

HTC has announced the date and time of its next product launch, which will be an online-only event. The launch is likely to be for the next iteration of the firm's flagship line of devices, the HTC 10.

HTC has struggled in recent years with mediocre showings from the One M8 and One M9. While the While both devices were decent, aspects of them - such as their cameras - were no match for their competition.

Two of the major problems with the firm's earlier flagship devices were the display and the camera. The displays used mediocre LCD panels and the color accuracy was inaccurate. For example, if you own an HTC One M9, you might notice that anything that's supposed to be white is tinted green, if just a bit.

The HTC One M8's camera was only 4 MP, which used the firm's ultrapixel technology. The idea was that larger pixels would produce better low light performance. Unfortunately, any zooming or cropping would force the image to rapidly degrade.

The One M9's 20 MP camera was decent, although it didn't have the large apertures that were seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the LG G4. It also didn't have any sort of quick focusing technology, such as phase detection autofocus (PDAF) or laser focus. The camera was good, but that's not enough when the competition is amazing.

HTC solved both of these issues when they released the One A9 later last year, using AMOLED for the display and PDAF in the camera. This year, HTC has promised a "world class" camera in the HTC 10.

Needless to say, if they use the improvements from the One A9 and take it to a flagship level, they could have a real winner; however, a report shows that the 10 will use an LCD display like its predecessors did.

Of course, we can discuss the possibilities of the HTC 10 all day. The real point of interest here is, it's really hard not to notice that the invitation focuses on lit up windows...

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