Hungary is heading to Civilization VI with Gathering Storm expansion

Firaxis Games' Civilization VI is on its way to receiving its second expansion, Gathering Storm, early next year, bringing new mechanics like environmental effects, world congress, and more. It will also be heralding eight new civilizations, but it seems their identities will be revealed slowly over the next few months, just as the studio did with the 4X game's Rise and Fall expansion,

The very first civilization to be announced for the expansion is Hungary, which is being led by Matthias Corvinus. This leader's unique ability is The Raven King, giving any levied units from city-states a boost to their movement and combat. Upgrading these units will be free of charge as well, and levying units will also grant two envoys to that city-state.

Pearl of the Danube will be available as Hungary's unique national ability, where building districts or other structures opposite of a river with also a city center on the other side will give them a significantly lower construction time. Meanwhile, the unique building of the civilization, the Thermal Bath, will provide amenities and production to any city center within its effect radius. Any geothermal fissures inside city borders will make the Thermal Bath provide additional bonuses to amenities and also tourism as well.

As expected, the Hussar will be Hungary's unique unit, and the more allies the civilization has, the more damage these industrial era units will inflict. The leader, Corvinus, also has his own unique unit named Black Army. When these cavalry units are accompanied by levied units from city-states, they become more powerful, and as a plus, they can be upgraded into the aforementioned Hussar.

Those interested in taking Hungary for a spin in Civilization VI will need to pick up the Gathering Storm expansion when it launches on February 14, 2019 for PC. Pre-orders for the expansion are available on Steam over here, costing $39.99.

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