IE10 Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 differences detailed

As we have mentioned already today, Friday is turning out to be a big day for Microsoft and Windows Phone 8 as the first devices running the mobile OS go on sale to the public in the US. The people who are first to get the Nokia and HTC smartphones will also be among the first to check out the new Internet Explorer 10 web browser built into Windows Phone 8.

The official Windows Phone developer blog goes in deep today with a list of all the new features put into IE10 for Windows Phone 8. Visually, the browser handles effects such as 3D transforms, shadows for both text and boxes in websites and support for more fonts, including TypeKit from Adobe. In terms of web page layouts, IE10 for Windows Phone 8 supports features like multiple columns, positioned floats and more.

However, the IE10 browser on Windows Phone 8 does not support everything that IE10 does on the PC-based Windows 8 OS. Microsoft says that IE10 for its mobile OS won't have support for inline video, multi-track HTML5 audio and Drag-and-drop APIs, among other things. The mobile version also doesn't support a number of Windows 8-specific IE10 features such as pinned site icons, linked previews and a way to connect websites to apps.

Source: Windows Phone developer blog | Image via Microsoft

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