IE6 breaks McAfee AV scanner

This was sent in by Mike

"I thought this was worth a mention -if it hasn't been already. It seems that IE6.0 breaks McAfee VirusScan completely. More specifically, everything expect the System Scan. I searched on Usenet and there seems to be a lot of people who have found the same problem.

McAfee's response is: a) Go back to IE5.5, or b) we won't support IE6.0 until WinXP is released to the public."

Well I went on a dig and came up with this

How can I use VirusScan Online and the Online Clinic with Internet Explorer 6.0? currently does not support our Online Applications using Internet Explorer version 6.0 due to the fact that we are still in the process of finalizing our compatibility tests. We will update this link and our system requirements once IE 6.0 has been officially approved by our engineers.

they go on to say that the only workaround (for now) is to roll-back to IE5.5. Sorry chaps, its official..

View: Support article concerning IE6.0

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