Infinity Ward founders release new website for Respawn Entertainment

The controversy between Activision and Infinity Ward could be rekindled during the future, after the two founding members of Infinity Ward founded a games company called 'Respawn Entertainment'. The Respawn website went live earlier today, with forums and other features typical of a gaming website.

Respawn Entertainment was founded after a dispute between Infinity Ward and Activision occurred, with the two founders of Infinity Ward leaving to form a new company alongside Electronic Arts - ironically, the publisher they left to work with Activision as Infinity Ward. The website offers phpBB-based forums, and is currently in use by a small number of people. If you want to attain one of the original usernames, now is the time to do so!

Before the site went live earlier today, the domain showed a blank page with a link to, offering readers the chance of employment with the company. Now, the site includes a teaser image that is blurred and distorted. The image hints at the future of Respawn Entertainment, and the company Community Manager, @abbieheppe invited users to speculate about the game. Suffice to say, it is highly likely that the design of the forums will be modified and altered during the future; likely before the release of any game from the company. The court case between Activision and Infinity Ward could potentially become much more volatile again, especially considering the timing of the site release in comparison to the release of Treyarch's 'Annihilation' map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, releasing at the weekend on Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive. Along with the announcement was this tweet: is launching in 3...2...1...Push the button, !

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