Instagif is a camera that can produce a physical GIF

The Polaroid camera was once in danger of becoming extinct but interest from a new generation prompted numerous companies to revive the format. While what you see above might look familiar, it is in fact quite unique in that it can "print" GIFs.

The word "print" might be a bit of stretch but what the camera can do is produce a moving picture on a portable mini display, allowing users to see what was captured and hold it in their hands. The Instagif is a custom creation that took four weeks to build using 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi for the internals. Unfortunately, this isn't something you'll find for sale, but luckily, if you're ambitious, you can build your own.

If you're up to the task, you can follow a detailed set of instructions, which can be found on Imgur. Along with the build, you'll also need the software that makes everything work, which can be found on GitHub. Sure, this isn't the most practical device, but it sure is a bit of fun and an interesting project to look at.

Source: shekit (Imgur) via The Verge

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