Intel 5G modems won't be in phones until next year

The race to 5G is set to finally have some visible results in the real world this year, as carriers around the world begin to launch their networks. As such, companies such as Qualcomm have already been making strides in supporting the technology, but Intel seems to be taking some more time to make 5G-enabled products available for consumers. According to Reuters, the company today announced that its 5G modems won't be in phones until next year.

The most notable user of cellular network modems from Intel, of course, is Apple, which means that, as was previously rumored, we likely won't see a 5G iPhone this year. It's said that the Cupertino company has been in talks with Samsung and MediaTek regarding their own 5G chips, but the outcome of those talks is still unclear. Given the raging war with Qualcomm, it's unlikely that Apple would want to use its modems right now.

Intel will start shipping its 5G modems to its customers this year though, and non-consumer products might still be released with them before the year is out. Should Apple back out from buying Intel chips, the company says it's looking to expand into other lines of business as well, including the possibility of selling them to car makers.

While Intel seems to be lagging behind, Qualcomm introduced its second-generation 5G modem earlier this week, the Snapdragon X55. That device is also expected to make its way into consumer devices next year, while the upcoming generation of smartphones is likely to use the X50 modem coupled with the Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Source: Reuters

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