Intel graphics drivers v6.6 for I810/I815

Intel has released new drivers v6.6 for its i810/i815 graphics controllers.

Fixed in this version:

  • Nothing is displayed during AVI playback in preview if Web Content is enabled.
  • DVD movies do not display correctly when downscaled (flip problem).
  • Occasionally, an access violation error occurs when resizing a software DVD video window.
  • MPEG playback corrupted when Windows Media Player is reduced or when MPEG is shown in Web Content preview panel.
  • Blue screen when switching display type (CRT/TV/Flat Panel) when running DirectX Video Acceleration enabled DVD player.
  • Microsoft* Office XP office assistant "Merlin" crashes after standby
  • Hkcmd.exe or hccutils.dll error appears at bootup when Symantec* PCAnywhere* is installed. Blue screen errors occur when trying to change video settings.
  • Corruption appears on desktop after switching to CRT when DVD is running
  • And many more...

News source: M3DZone

Download: Intel Graphics Drivers v6.6 for Win2000/XP

Download: Intel Graphics Drivers v6.6 for Win9X/ME

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