Intel Outlines Wireless USB Security

Company backs 128-bit encryption, support for home LANs.

Hosler, speaking at Intel's second annual R&D Day event, says the company wants Wireless USB to replace USB for very short-range networks. Companies want to make it as widespread in the home and office as USB is today, he says. Wireless can be snooped, so assuring privacy and security are essential to achieve this goal, he adds. "Because it's wireless, anyone can hear it. With USB, it's a cable, so it's inherently private. Our goal is to provide Wireless USB with the same level of security," Hosler says.

People may have several options about activating a connection. For example, to upload pictures from their camera to their PC, users could press a button on the camera, which would then connect to the host. The Wireless USB connection between device and host could be automatic. If a switched-on device is within range of the host, it will alert the user, asking if they want to connect.

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