Intel 'Smithfield' chipsets said to support SATA 2

Intels next-generation Pentium 4 desktop chipsets, "Glenwood" and "Lakeport", will support Serial ATA 2, 667MHz DDR 2 and a 1066MHz frontside bus clock frequency, it has been claimed. Glenwood and Lakeport are the successors to todays 925- and 915-series chipsets, and are believed to carry the official designations 955 and 945, respectively. Both are likely to be pitched at Intels first dual-core desktop P4, "Smithfield, itself due to ship mid-2005.

The 955 and 945 chipsets are said to provide four SATA 2 ports, Matrix RAID, Hi-Def audio. They are expected to form that basis for Intels "East Fork" - its desktop home entertainment PC platform, and a bid to do for desktops what Centrino did for notebooks.

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News source: The Reg

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