First Look: Skip Gateway's MP3 Photo Jukebox

Gateway's MP3 Photo Jukebox is an interesting combination of good ideas poorly implemented. The $250 player has some intriguing features--including the ability to store and display digital photos--but in the end its weaknesses far outweigh its strengths.

One of those weaknesses is the display. The Jukebox is the first "mini" hard drive MP3 player to offer a color LCD, which Gateway touts as a major selling point. Unfortunately, at just 1.6 inches across (measured diagonally), and with a meager resolution of 128 by 128 pixels, the oddly square screen is much too small for comfortable photo viewing.

The Gateway has other size issues, too: While its light weight (3.4 ounces) and capacity (4GB) are similar to those of small-fry competitors such as the IPod Mini, Rio Carbon, and Creative Zen Micro, the Gateway is noticeably bigger than each of those players. In fact, its dimensions are close to those of the heavier 20GB Apple IPod. As a result, the Jukebox feels a bit hollow in your hand.

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News source: PCWorld

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