Invision Power steps up to the Switchers

(starts humming mac switch music) I used to use this tee-bee message board but when I clicked the post button and my computer went bzz bbbb bzzbzbbz and then it just shut down! I was like huh?

Yea really, my board is like so much better now, why? well I'll tell you why no more paper jams and stuff. - My name is Neobond and I'm a webmaster.

;) Matt has just informed me that Invision Power Board have just updated their site to better reflect their kick-ass board software and kill some of the mis-placed myths that are going around with free boards. The new layout offers insight to a side of how it in my opinion should be displayed, directly at the webmaster. If you use a board from yesterday take time out to look over the board of tomorrow.

News source: Invision Power Board Link updated!

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