iPad 2 light leakage due to faulty LG panels

A number of iPad 2 users have been complaining of light leakage and yellow colors being displayed on their new hardware and it seems that faulty LG panels may have been to blame.

According to an article on Crave, unnamed sources have said that LG’s display division have had to reduce production on iPad 2 screens due to light leakage issues that have cropped up during the manufacturing process. This in turn has helped lead to a high level of iPad 2 shortages around the world, although shipping of the device has now reached normal levels.

The article goes on to say that the problem first came up at LG’s sixth generation product line in Gumi, South Korea and clearly confirms what many iPad 2 users have been complaining about on Apple’s support forums since purchasing the hardware.

An additional article on DigiTimes states that Apple decided to shift their iPad 2 screen production over to Samsung, who managed to shift a total of four million of the 9.7-inch panels for iPads during the first quarter of the year, beating out the lower production rates of LG who managed to push out just 3.2 million units during the same period.

The good news is that according to DigiTimes, LG say they have “fixed the problem and will resume shipment momentum to Apple in the second quarter”

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