EA deny possession of a newer Xbox console

Rumors of a new Xbox console have been circulating the internet for years now. Recently, one of these rumors had gained traction. Claims were made that Electronic Arts had been given a very early model of the next Xbox console, which gamers had previously christened the 'Xbox 720' or the 'Nextbox'. Electronic Arts themselves have since went ahead and denied these claims, which said that the console was not stored in a standard case, and was stored inside a standard PC case. Jeff Brown, EA's VP of Communications, denied the rumor to Kotaku and ruled out Electronic Arts' possession of a newer model Xbox console.  

Early in March, theories began to suggest that Microsoft were looking into the development of a newer console after job listings appeared with the company, including a listing for a Graphics Hardware Architect and a Performance Engineer. The language used for these ads suggested release would be at some point in the next few years though rumors circulated that a shock reveal could occur at E3 2011. The source responsible for the rumor that Electronic Arts received a pre-release console also stated that "Kinect will keep the 360 going for a couple of years, but Microsoft knows that if it slows down now it will face trouble". 

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