iPhone to cost around £595-£660

The Apple iPhone is going to dent your bank account a bit more than expected. The 4GB model will come in at a shade under £600 while the 8GB could be as much as £660 according to some early, pre-order prices on Amazon Germany [thanks Jan]. This compares to approximately £255 and £306 in the US.

When you're finished choking you might also want to consider some of the other things that are taking the shine of the latest 'hot' mobile phone. Most of these are confirmed, while others fall into the 'maybe' category.

  • The iPhone will be 3G when it arrives in Europe but it will not arrive for a year – not the end of 2007 as expected.
  • It will be a closed device and will only run software released by Apple.
  • It will use Apple's DRM software FairPlay which, ironically, no one thinks is fair, at all. This will stop users from playing anything other than music bought via iTunes.
  • Apple could win the right to use the iPhone name in Europe, thanks to a loophole says Outlaw.com.
News source: Gizmondo-UK
Picture: Jobs with iPhone
Link: Neowin Discussion (Thanks ljames28)

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