iPhone X users can access Snapchat Lenses that can take advantage of the TrueDepth Camera

Today, Snapchat started implementing Apple's TrueDepth Camera with some new selfie Lenses. This means that those that own an iPhone X can start taking advantage of three new Lenses, specifically built to take advantage of the handset's technologies.

If unfamiliar with Apple's TrueDepth Camera, that is the technology involved that allows the iPhone X to have a superior facial mapping capability when compared to its competitors. Using this, it allows the new Lenses, which arrive as three different kinds of masks, to appear like they have actually adhered to the user's face. This feature was first shown off at Apple's iPhone X debut event last year, along with Animoji.

While it can be used for fun and wacky things, it is also used as a new way to unlock the phone and keep things secure. The iPhone X does not have a TouchID sensor and as such relies entirely on the facial recognition technology to keep things secure on the phone. Although Apple made a big fuss about the technology, there have been multiple incidents where the security mechanism has been defeated whether through the use of an elaborate mask or just by being a family member.

Those with an iPhone X can currently check out the three new Lenses without the need to download anything extra or update. Snapchat has not announced when more masks will become available but you can probably bet that they are in the works.

Source: MacRumors

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