iPod Touch explodes in a child's pocket

Apple's iPod Touch is one of the hottest devices around and unfortunately for one youngster it got so hot that it exploded in his pocket.

The mother of a child living in Cincinnati is suing Apple and ten unnamed retail employees for "gross negligence and recklessness, as they supposedly conducted themselves maliciously and fraudulently when selling the iTouch".

The story goes that a child's "iPod touch was sitting in the 'off' position when it unexpectedly popped and caused the kid to feel a burning sensation. At that time, he stood up and noticed that his pants were, in fact, on fire. 'Plaintiff A.V. immediately ran to the bathroom and took off his burning pants with the assistance of a friend,' reads the complaint. 'On said date and at said time, the Apple iTouch had burned through Plaintiff A.V.'s pants pocket and melted through his nylon/spandex underwear, burning his leg.'"

The mother is asking for $150,000 total plus attorney fees for the child's bills and emotional distress. While it's quite unfortunate that the youngster had to experience this it seems that exploding technology has become more common place as the devices become more complex.

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