Its creator says Kazaa Benjamin worm means well ...

The creators of a new worm that targets users of the Kazaa file-trading network say they released the code to frustrate Internet users searching for pirated software and child pornography.

Anti-virus software vendors have issued warnings that the so-called "Benjamin worm" is being unintentionally propagated among Kazaa users who download any of dozens of executable programs and screen savers that have been infected with the malicious code.

According to one of its developers, Paul Komoszki, Benjamin is a "controlled test" of a program designed to disrupt the illegal exchange of copyrighted data and child porn over peer-to-peer networks.

"We do not want to affect the exchange of legal programs and legal music files. Only users who are looking for and sharing copyrighted files could be infected," said Komoszki in an e-mail interview today with Newsbytes.

"After a few months it could be that there are more Benjamin files in p2p networks than warez files ... Within a few days Benjamin has spread very far in these illegal networks," said Komoszki.

Kazaa users can protect themselves from executable programs that contain Trojan horses by specifying that file types such as exe, scr, and vbs be excluded from their search requests.

News source: Newsbytes

View: Virus Info - SARC: W32.Benjamin.Worm virus info or bitdefender: Win32.Worm.Benjamin

Download: bitdefender AntiBenjamin removal tool

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