Laid-off Microsoft employee explains how layoffs were announced

Last week, Microsoft announced that it would be laying off 18,000 employees. If you are wondering how the layoffs occurred, you can watch the video above to gain a better perspective on the process. As with any layoff, the process is never easy, and the video adds a human aspect to the cuts that Microsoft made last week..

The layoff portion of the video occurs in the first couple of minutes and goes exactly how you might expect it to occur at a mega-corporation like Microsoft. On the morning of July 17th, the company held a meeting with roughly 150 people in Redmond and announced the layoffs. The former employee in the video said that he had no idea that the layoffs were coming, although there were plenty of signs that the head count reduction was occurring based on rumors and Nadella's letter to the employees.

Upper management announced the layoffs, and as you would expect, it's never an easy process to let someone go. It is said that even the folks announcing the layoffs were upset about the process -- and understandably so -- but receiving the news is harder than giving it. 

The former employee in the video was laid off after 15 years at the company, so it wasn't only new heads that were cut for the acquisition of Nokia

Source: YouTube

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