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Law firm calls on TikTok to reinstate whistleblowing content moderator

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The Joseph Saveri Law Firm, which filed a class action complaint on behalf of content moderator Candie Frazier against TikTok, has called on the social media platform to reinstate her job after she was put on leave on December 24. The law firm said that Frazier was abruptly placed on leave after speaking out about her working conditions.

According to the case page on the law firm’s website, TikTok moderators are made to work at a breakneck speed where they have to review videos in just 25 seconds to see whether it breaches TikTok’s rules. Not only do new videos get loaded quickly but they also have to view three to ten videos at the same time.

Frazier is taking action against TikTok because the firm allegedly fails to provide a safe workplace for moderators who are at risk of psychological trauma. Some of the content they’re exposed to for prolonged periods includes pornography, animal mutilation, suicides, rapes, and other horrific material.

Commenting on the matter, Steven Williams from the Joseph Saveri Law Firm, said:

“In retaliation for bringing these important issues to the public, Ms. Frazier was advised on Christmas Eve that she was being placed on leave and had to give up her work equipment. As a result, she can no longer do the job she relies on to support her family. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine the fear and uncertainty she and her family experienced because of this unnecessarily cruel act. TikTok's behavior—straight out of Dickens' novel or a modern sweatshop—is wrong, and we call upon TikTok to change course and restore our client to her former position and responsibilities without delay.”

The law firm highlighted its recent success in Scola v. Facebook Inc. where a $52 million settlement was reached and workplace improvements were made. If TikTok is failing to protect its content moderators, hopefully, this case will rectify the issue.

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