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LG joins the IBM Quantum Network to improve its quantum computing competency

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LG has announced that it has joined the IBM Quantum Network to help improve its own competency in the field of quantum computing and utilise new technologies as they are unlocked. Through the partnership, LG will gain access to IBM’s quantum computers, expertise, and an open-source quantum information software development kit called Qiskit.

Commenting on the partnership, Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president of LG Electronics, said:

“Based on our open innovation strategy, we plan to use IBM Quantum to develop our competency in quantum computing. We aim to provide customers with value that they have not experienced so far by leveraging quantum computing technology in future businesses.”

LG will use its new position in the IBM Quantum Network to explore how the new technology can be leveraged to process large amounts of information for the deliverance of services such as artificial intelligence, connected cars, digital transformation, Internet of Things, and robotics applications. LG will train its workforce in quantum computing too so that they can help deliver the improvements quantum computing promises.

More broadly, the IBM Quantum team and LG will be researching the use of quantum computing in other fields such as finance, energy, chemistry, materials science, optimisation, and machine learning. As breakthroughs are made in quantum computing by the IBM Quantum Network, LG will be right there ready to reap the benefits.

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